Thursday, July 14, 2011

Journey #3 - The Shadow in "The Silent Avenger"

Faced with a death sentance, Joseph Brecker vows vengence on everyone involved in taking him down, including The Shadow. When people start to die, can The Shadow put a stop to it?

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Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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  1. I wonder if this story had some kind of... some kind of message it wanted to convey. I feel almost like there was something there...

    (I kid. I kid you old radio serials, you goofy unironic bastards.)

  2. Yes, the message is: Buy Blue Coal!

    What I thought was interesting was that this episode of The Shadow, with the message of the negative side of war and it's effects on the men who served, aired before WWII even got rolling, let alone before the U.S. got involved. I would have expected this to come from the Korean War / Vietnam War era.

  3. It did, however, play some twenty years AFTER the First World War, where trench warfare, mechanized warfare, aerial warfare and chemical warfare were used extensively. War had 'evolved' from "trudge from point A to point B, line up against one another, fire volleys of bullets and cannonball, fix bayonets and CHARGE!" to sitting in foxholes and trenches, ducking and hoping that the howitzer and motor rounds will hit some other pour schmuck in his hidey hole. The worry of dying in battle didn't start the night before and end the day after the fight; it lasted for days...weeks...months...

    The term then was 'Shell-shocked.' Now, we call it 'Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.'

    Or, as the Shadow so succinctly put it, "We teach men how to kill in war then expect them to put it aside when the war is over."