Thursday, January 5, 2012

Journey #25 - The Milton Feinhoff Problem by Mark Onspaugh

One bright Spring morning, Milton Feinhoff came downstairs to find himself eating an enormous stack of waffles.  That was just the beginning.

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As a child, Mark Onspaugh sat too close to the TV, and now needs glasses.  His young brain was irradiated with monster movies, sci-fi and Looney Tunes.  DC Comics took care of the rest.  Today, he is the writer of the film Kill Katie Malone, a co-writer of the cult fave Flight of the Living Dead, and has several scripts in development.  He has sold numerous short stories and essays.  He tells people he was raised by wolves, but his parents were nice people who only eviscerated the occasional wayward traveler.  You can visit him at and on his Facebook pages, including Out of My Mind – Fiction and Film from MarkOnspaugh.
Today's narator, Chris Munroe, is a 33 year old actor/comedian who, between shows and dayjobs, likes to play with words and ideas. He currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, where he works, lives, maintains his flash fiction blog ( and struggles with an as yet unfinished surrealist urban fantasy novel. His work has previously appeared in Black Heart Magazine, Dark Recesses and the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.  He also now has a YouTube channel under the name MunsiSellsOut.
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