Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journey #48 - Double Feature: Pennywhistle by Greg van Eekhout & The Scottish Scene by Rish Outfield

A mom seeks to save her child from a piper, and a teenages seeks to save herfriends from the curse of Macbeth.

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Greg van Eekhout has written many short stories, as well as three novels. Norse Code is an adult urban fantasy about Ragnarok in modern-day LA. His two middle-grade novels, Kid vs. Squid and The Boy at the End of the World, have been thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike. Greg is currently working on a new trilogy of books based on his short story, "The Osteomancer's Son", the first of which will be released in the fall of 2013.  You can follow Greg on his blog.

Rish Outfield is a writer, podcaster, and voice actor.  He is also the co-host of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine.  You can also follow Rish on his blog.

Renee Chambliss is a writer and professional audiobook narrator who lives in northern Californina. You can find out more about her at REChambliss.com.

Cast of characters for "Pennywhistle":
Renee Chambliss (author of Dreaming of Deliverance) as the mother
Sgzhanke S. Carlo as Nathan

Cast of characters for "The Scottish Play":
Rish Outfield (of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as Narator, Mr. Palmer, Uncle Rod, and the witches
Renee Chambliss (author of Dreaming of Deliverance) as Sammy, Li, and Tosh

Suggested Podcast Episode: "We Clever Jacks" by Greg van Eekhout on PodCastle.

Several sound effects were found at freesound.org.

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space and Soundtrax for the Non-Existing Movies (and Rush)

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