Monday, December 24, 2012

Journey #55 - The Other Wise Man by Henry van Dyke (presented by Family Theater)

Artaban is seeking to behold the King of Israel and finds instead the compassion and charity within his own heart.

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Family Theater Productions, an extension of the Family Rosary Crusade founded by Father Patrick Peyton, CSC, as a way to promote family prayer. The program had no commercial sponsor, yet Father Peyton, CSC arranged for many of Hollywood's stars in film and radio at the time to appear. In its ten-year run, well-known actors and actresses, including James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Shirley Temple, and more appeared as announcers, narrators or stars.  A total of 540 episodes were produced. The program featured not only religious stories but half-hour adaptations of literary works such as A Tale of Two Cities, Moby-Dick and Don Quixote.

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