Saturday, June 22, 2013

Journey #72 - Respite by Autumn Rachel Dryden

Edward and Ann, who carries their child, race against time to travel to the safety of the caves before the ravenous scupp shells hatch.

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Artwork courtesy of Nathan Pinnock

A special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing this epiosde.

Autumn Rachel Dryden is a Colorado native, though her family spent ten years living all over the country during her formative years before re-settling in Denver. The travel bug has never left. She's skinny dipped in Montana, scaled mountains in Nepal, performed mime in Chile, ridden a narrow-gauge railroad in Alaska, climbed a tower in Scotland, and eaten the best pineapple sorbet of her life in Hawaii.

She's building her own business as a massage therapist, wrangles three children, and hopes to someday own retired racing greyhounds and a hot air balloon. In her writing, she asks the question "What if?" and dreams whole worlds in answer.

After its original appearance in IGMS in 2005, "Respite" was re-printed in the IGMS anthology in 2008, and went on to inspire Bryan Thomas Schmidt to create the "Beyond the Sun" Anthology that will be released this summer, filled with stories of other worlds by Robert Heinlein, Nancy Kress, Mike Resnick, and more.

Autumn's next story, "Supermom: 0, Laundry: 1" is forthcoming this summer in the new magazine Blue Shift, and will be available both in print and online."

Cast of characters:
Autumn Rachel Dryden as Narrator
Lauren "Scribe" Harris as Ann
Bryan Lincoln as Nethaniel
Marshal Latham as Edward

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