Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Superhero Marathon Spectacular - Day 26: The Avenger: The Mystery of the Giant Brain

The Avenger vs. a mad scientist

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The Avenger originally appeared in September 1939 in the pulp magazine The Avenger, published by Street and Smith Publications.  The Avenger was a pulp hero who combined elements of Doc Savage and the Shadow. The authorship of the pulp series was credited by Street and Smith to Kenneth Robeson, the same byline that appeared on the Doc Savage stories. The "Kenneth Robeson" name was a house pseudonym used by a number of different Street & Smith writers. Most of the original Avenger stories were written by Paul Ernst.

The Avenger radio show originated from Long Island, NY-based station WHN and was broadcast over a time-span of 62 weeks. It also aired on many stations across the United States as a transcription series. The 62 weeks refer only to the period during which the program aired, not the number of shows. Most likely, the series consisted of a then standard run of 26 half-hour episodes (plus repeats). Unfortunately, despite the fact that the program was recorded for syndication, the only remaining artifacts of the show are seven scripts.

Music used in this production:
"Take A Chance" by Kevin MacLeod

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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