Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Journey #84 - The Imp of the Perverse by Richard Freeman

Tanaka Sakura is beginning to realize she is not alone in her newly inherited house.

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Richard Freeman lives in Exeter in the county of Devon in England  He isone of the few full time working cryptozoologists in the world. Richard is Zoological Director at The Centre for Fortean Zoology the world's only full time mystery animal research organization. www.cfz.org.uk

Richard has mounted expeditions in search of many cryptids (mystery animals) including the yeti (a huge, black furred, bipedal ape) in India, the Mongolian deathworm (a much feared burrowing reptile) in the Gobi, the giant anaconda (a titanic snake) in Guyana, the orang-pendek (an upright walking ape) in Sumatra, the almasty (a relic hominin) in Russia, the naga (a huge, crested serpent) in Thailand and the ninki-nanka (a dragon-like beast) in West Africa. He is currently on an expedition in search of the Tasmanian wolf (a flesh eating marsupial).

He has lectured on the subject of mystery animals all over the country including at the Natural History Museum, The Grant Museum of Zoology, the Last Tuesday Society and Queen Mary University of London.

Richard has written a number of books of monsters and folklore including Dragons: More Than a Myth?, Explore Dragons, The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia: An A to z of Japanese Monsters and Orang-Pendek:  Sumatra’s Forgotten Ape.  He has branched into horror fiction with two collections of short stories published, Green Unpleasant Land: 18 tales of British Horror and Hyakumonogatari: Stories of Japanese Horror Book One. He isalso editing Tales of the Damned an anthology of fortean horror stories written by some of the world’s most prominent researchers.

Julie Hoverson is a tremendous writer, voice actor, and audio producer.  Check out many of her creations at www.19nocturneboulevard.net/

Music used in this production:
"Opium" and "Asian Drums" by Kevin MacLeod

Theme music by Man In Space

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