Sunday, March 6, 2016

Announcements from Base Camp: 2016 Journey Into Writing Contest (and Hiatus)

Where I announce that I am going on hiatus (sort of), and a NEW CONTEST!

To download, right-click here and then click Save

Intro music: Announcemnets Song by Witchger, Updyke and Hall


SUBMISSION PERIOD: Submissions will open on April 1st and close on May 1st, 2016 at 11:59:59 PM

WORD COUNT: The story shall be 4000 words or less

WHAT TO WRITE:  All story titles must start with the words “Journey Into”.  The rest of the title, and the nature of the story’s journey is up to you.  I definitely want the character(s) in your story to go on some sort of journey.  Most likely that will be a physical journey, but I suppose one could go on a journey of the mind, or through dimensions, or to other worlds, or other lands, or even just down the street.  Be creative! But regardless of the journey, there should be action, plot, motivation, and choices.  Observations of pensive thought is not what I’m looking for.

CONTEST RESTRICTIONS: Please no splatter horror, grimdark, or explicit sexual content. Also please avoid coarse profanity (including Schlonz).

WHO WILL DECIDE THE WINNERS: A panel of volunteer judges.

PRIZES: 1st PRIZE: $20, 2nd PRIZE: $10, 3rd PRIZE: $5.  All winning stories plus undetermined number of Honorable Mentions will be produced as a full cast audio production for the podcast.

WHERE TO SEND SUBMISSIONS: Email submissions to

SUBMISSION FORMAT:  The subject line must contain the prefix of "2016 CONTEST:" followed by the title of your story.  The body of the email should be the text of your story.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: When the winners have been decided, we will contact you via your original submission email. The winner will also be announced here in the forums, on Facebook, Twitter, and on the show.