Monday, January 2, 2017

Strewn Along The Path #26: Daredevil., Seasons 1 and 2

We're talking Daredevil, the first Marvel TV show in the Netflix corner of the MCU.

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  1. For my money, all the Netflix Marvel shows have easily been in R-rated territory. The brutality of "Daredevil" was surprising, since I still associate comic book adaptations with family fare, but there were moments when even a gore-hound like me flinched a little.

    Of course, Americans always tolerate buckets of violence over even a pinch of sex, so I suppose the show could get a PG-13 rating with little to no editing.

    You mentioned Charlie Cox (is that his name?) as being the best Batman. I have been catching up with "Arrow" over the last year, and am constantly blown away by how many BATMAN BEGINS parallels I see in that. It's easier to think of Oliver Queen as Batman, though, since he's actually fighting Deadshot and Clock King and Ra's Al Ghul and Huntress.