Saturday, July 13, 2013

Journey #75 - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (presented by CBC Stage)

Fireman Guy Montag begins to question his career of burning houses containing books, and wonders just what is contained within these illegal pages.

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Ray Bradbury is the world’s greatest science fiction writer. Some may argue, including Ray himself, that he writes fantasy rather than science fiction. He once said that Fahrenheit 451 was his only true science fiction work. His stories may tells us very little about science, but a great deal about the netherworld of imagination buried deep within all of us. In addition to over 1000 short stories, several novels and a handful of plays; Ray Bradbury has written poetry and scenarios. He adapted the novel Moby Dick for the movies, and has seen several of his own stroies made into motion pictures, as well as television radio shows. His writing has appeared in nearly every American magazine publishing quality fiction, and in over 100 anthologies of short stories.
The CBC Stage Series, was, for many years, the flagship program of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  Stage Series radio plays ran officially from 1946-1966.  The Stage Series spawned and launched the acting careers of such notables as Lorne Greene, Christopher Plummer, John Drainie, Barry Morse, John Colicos, William Shatner and James Doohan.  In their day, the Stage Series actors were called "...the best radio repertory company in North America..." by New York Times Radio Editor, Jack Gould. The Stage Series is comprised of wonderful adaptation from classic novels, together with excellent Canadian works.

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