Monday, July 8, 2013

Journey #74 - Outgoing Transmissions by Rish Outfield

The following are transmissions intercepted by a Bothan surveillance vessel in the weeks leading up to the historic Battle of Yavin.

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For five ignominious years now, Rish Outfield has been co-host of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, which occasionally still produces full cast short stories and lengthy banter with Big Anklevich. Lately, Rish has lent his voice to many audio dramas, lent his stories to many podcasts, and lent his soul to the horned black Beast himself. He has tried his hand at narrating audiobooks, some of which are available at, and has tried his voice at singing karaoke songs, some of which are available in your most upsetting fever dreams. The Force is with him . . . but he is not a Jedi yet.

Keith Rainey, who narrated this story, is a senior system controls engineer who lives in Oregon with his family.  His midi-chlorian count is pretty high, but it remains uncertain whether he can bring balance to the Force.

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