Saturday, June 16, 2018

Delusion #46 - Solo, and Thanks For All the Rish

Rish and Marshal talk about our reactions to SOLO (a Star Wars story).

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  1. So this is funny. I was leaving a VM and it cut me off! Not sure if any of it came through. I should know better. My husband makes fun of me for leaving long voicemails. What I was going to say about the opening: I think it could've been stronger if we had seen a young Han working on a carillon (sp?) ship with his father teaching him things. Then maybe jump to him escaping the planet with Qi'ra. The current opening was a little slow and the word worm lady was odd. But other than that LOVED the whole thing! Enjoyed your conversation about it.

  2. Bria, yes your voicemail came through. I need to warn people that it only records for three minutes. However, you call back and continue your message. Rish has done that before.

    But I LOVED getting your voicemail!! Thank you so much! I wish more people used it. I plan to play yours on the podcast and have Rish and I respond to it there. I will also include this added bit from

  3. Sweet! Glad it came through. I wish I had more time to comment and respond to things.