Friday, July 8, 2011

Journey #2 - Cyberpunk by D.K. Thompson - Issue #1 - Play

Log on or die.  Test gamer Billy Gibson didn't realize his next job would change his life and family forever.

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The author, D.K. Thompson, is also co-editor of Podcastle, and often posts to his blog.  The character of Cyberpunk comes from D.K.'s YA podcast novel "The Unbelievable Origin of Superspiff and the Toothpick Kid".  You can find episodes 1-3 of the novel here, and episodes 4-12 here.

Cover art provided by Bo Kaier, freelance illustrator / web designer, and art director for the Drabblcast.

Cast of characters:
D.K. Thompson as Billy Gibson a.k.a Cyberpunk
Clay Dugger as Meme's operative
Marshal Latham as Tao Li

Music used in this production:
snippets by The Eagles

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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