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Journey #59 - The Masque of the Red Death by Lee Lackey

Esther, a black nurse working in white hospital in 1920 during the Spanish Flu epidemic, wonders why some of the less affected patients are dying.

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Lee Lackey is an editor for AetherBound Press, as well as a frequent short story writer. The story “Hotel of the Damned, Gazing on the Beach” was co-written by Lee and Tom Ribas, and subsequently published by Schlock Magazine. Lee’s first full-length novel, Curse of the Twisted Rose, is available now from Grey Gecko Press.

Special Thanks to Laurice White for narrating this story.

Cast of characters:
Laurice White (of itsthavoice! Productions) as the Narrator, and Esther
Jimmy Rogers (of Synthetic Voices) as Dr. Coleman
Julie Hoverson (of 19 Nocturne Boulevard) as the night nurse
Robbie Latham as Jimmy
Marshal Latham as Mr. Brooks

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Music used in this production:
"Long Note One" and "Chase" by Kevin MacLeod
"Black and Tan Fantasy" by Duke Ellington

Several sound effects were found at

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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