Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journey #79 - Double Feature: Sorry Wrong Number and The Diary of Saphronia Winters by Lucille Fletcher (Suspense)

The stories of two women isolated from the world and in danger.

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Suspense is a radio drama series broadcast on CBS Radio from 1942 through 1962.  One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled "radio's outstanding theater of thrills" and focused on suspense thriller-type scripts, usually featuring leading Hollywood actors of the era. Approximately 945 episodes were broadcast during its long run, and more than 900 are still in existance.

Lucille Fletcher (March 28, 1912 – August 31, 2000) was an American screenwriter of film, radio and television. Her credits include The Hitch-Hiker, an original radio play written for Orson Welles and adapted for a notable episode of The Twilight Zone television series. Lucille Fletcher also wrote Sorry, Wrong Number, one of the most celebrated suspense plays in the history of American radio, which she adapted and expanded for the 1948 film noir classic of the same name.

Agnes  Moorehead (December 6, 1900 – April 30, 1974) was an American actress whose career of more than three decades included work in radio, stage, film and television. During the 1940s and 1950s, Moorehead was one of the most in demand actresses for radio dramas, especially on the CBS show Suspense. During the 946 episodes run of Suspense, Moorehead was cast in more episodes than any other actor or actress. Moorehead's most successful appearance on Suspense was in the legendary play Sorry, Wrong Number, written by Lucille Fletcher, broadcast on May 18, 1943.  She recreated the performance six times for Suspense and several times on other radio shows, always using her original, dog-eared script. She is now chiefly known for her role as Endora on the television series Bewitched.

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