Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Journey #133 - A Dream Within A Dream by Bria Burton

She protected her little sister from Anna, who was always gloomy and mean. But would it be enough?

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An Edgar Allan Poe Month bonus episode!

Episode art from Birit Alits Photography

Bria Burton is employed as a blogger and customer service manager for St. Pete Running Company.

In 2015, "Tight Pants" appeared in Page & Spine Fiction Showcase. "Ticket to Heaven" appeared in Faith Hope and Fiction, an e-literary magazine. A science fiction reprint, "The Wheels Must Turn," appeared in the Broken Worlds anthology. As a member of an author collaboration called the Alvarium Experiment, she published a short story called "On Both Sides." The historical science fiction piece was one of thirteen in The Prometheus Saga. "Empty Girl" in FWA Collection #7 called Revisions: Stories of Starting Over, and "The Mute Girl" in Youth Imagination Magazine.

In 2014, "In Line at the DMYV," science fiction, appeared in the Welcome to the Future anthology. Little Angel Helper, a novella that first appeared as a live story on her blog, was released as an ebook. She also had three speculative fiction pieces published, including my first paid publication in The Colored Lens #13 with "The Darkness Below," science fiction. "Switching," fantasy, appeared on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, and "Ligeia," science fiction, appeared on the Journey Into... podcast. In 2013, "The Mute Girl," dark fantasy, was published in eFantasy, and "This is Hollywood," a fantasy/horror short story, appeared online at FICTION on the WEB.

Lance & Ringo Tails is a collection of ten short stories about her pets. In December 2013, I published ebook and paperback editions.

In October 2011, Livinity won First Place in the Unpublished Fantasy Novel category at the RPLA (Royal Palm Literary Awards).

Music and sound effects from freesound.org

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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