Monday, March 14, 2016

Journey #139 - Double Header: What Price Convenience by Christopher Munroe & A Slight Delay by Rish Outfield

Christopher Munroe teaches us the price of convenience, and Rish Outfield wishes us a Happy (if twisted) Easter (sort of).

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Special Thanks to Bria Burton for producing today's stories, and to Keith Teklits for editing the commentary!!

Cast of characters:
What Price Convenience
James Silverstien as Narrator
Big Anklevich (of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as Customer
Rish Outfield (of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as Old Merchant

A Slight Delay
Big Anklevich (of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as Narrator
Rish Outfield (of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine) as TWA passenger; and Captain
Bria Burton as Flight Attendant, Bria; and hispanic passenger
Heather Lenhart as Passenger
Renee Chambliss as Passenger
Marshal Latham as the Air Marshal

Christopher Munroe is an actor/author/comedian from Calgary, Canada, where he lives, works, writes and spends too much time on Twitter. He’s also a prolific and podcasted author of short and flash fiction, Christopher has also written the very entertaining surrealist horror novel, Broken Escalator, which he spent months of his life writing, and now finds himself mildly nervous every time he’s inside a mall.

Rish Outfield is a fan of Horror films, Eighties music, and the television work of Joss Whedon. He enjoys chasing after frogs, talking about comic book characters, and thinking about the Star Wars Trilogy. He is a voice actor, audiobook narrator, and podcaster, and can be heard co-hosting the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and That Gets My Goat podcasts, where he and Big Anklevich entertainingly waste much of their time. He also features his own stories on the Rish Outcast podcast.  He has been a writer of short stories all of his life, but has only recently begun to share his work with others. He once got a job because of his Sean Connery impersonation, but has lost two due to his Samuel L. Jackson impression.

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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