Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Side Trip #1 - Pardon by Marshal Latham

Is being picked for the Selection more important than friendship?

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Big Thanks to Bryan Lincoln (of the Fullcast Podcast) for producing the episode for me!!

Cast of characters:
This cast is entirely made up of members of the A.I.E. guild in World of Warcraft (hence the gaming names as pseudonyms):

Bryan Lincoln (of My Epic Heals, and the Fullcast Podcast ) as the Narrator
Zhug (of Convert To Raid and the Independent Music Podcast) as Massasoit
RevnGeek (of RevnGeek's Paraody Palace) as Bradford
Shmage as Cranberry
Koltrane  (of Convert To Raid) as Mashed, and the President
Eade (of My Epic Heals) as One of the men

Music used in this production:  "Fit for a king" by Josh Woodward

Several sound effects were found at freesound.org.

Theme music: Surfs Down by Man In Space.

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