Thursday, January 30, 2014

Journey #86 - Ligeia by Bria Burton

Kraykor is driven to the edge of space; and the only way to escape death is by entering into Ligeia.

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Bria Burton writes speculative and other fiction in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her publications are listed on her website:  Three dreams came true for her in 2013. She quit her job in order to write full time, a dream since childhood. She was selected as one of the winners in the Edgar Allen Poe writing contest, a dream since last year when her submission, much like Kraykor in the story, sailed into a deep void in space never to be seen or heard from again. Over at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, she was selected as one of the winners in the Triple Word Score Contest, fulfilling a dream since 2010 to have a story air on the podcast. She thanks her hubby and her parents for always encouraging her to follow her dreams.

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Music used in this production:

Theme music by Man In Space

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