Monday, April 7, 2014

Journey #94 - Journey Into Space: Operation Luna 3 of 12 (presented by BBC)

While exploring a crater, Jet Morgan vanished from sight.  And that’s not the only strange thing the crew experience on the Moon.

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Journey Into Space was a BBC Radio science fiction program written by Charles Chilton.  Originally, four series were produced (the fourth being a remake of the first).  Chilton went on to write three best-selling novels and several comic strip stories, based upon the radio series.

Created in 1953, the first series was simply known as Journey Into Space, with the subtitle A Tale of the Future added by the Radio Times, but within the BBC it became known as Journey to the Moon. The series was set in 1965 (the year in which Chilton believed humans would first walk on the Moon), and was first broadcast in 1953–1954 on the BBC Light Programme.

In 1958, Journey to the Moon was re-recorded for the BBC Transcription Services (retitled as Operation Luna), because the original recordings had been erased. The first four episodes of the original series were omitted, and episodes 12 and 13 were merged into a single episode.

Theme music: Liberator by Man In Space

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